Foreign payment transactions

Processing of cross-border payments

Our service promise: Fast and reliable processing of cross-border payments in Euros or foreign currency via our international network. On request, we can also open accounts abroad for you.

We are your partner for international payment transactions

1. Transfers :          

  • Within EU/ EEA /Switzerland/Great Britain via SEPA in EUR:
    • by SEPA transfer
  • Rest of the world and payments in other currencies:
    • by SWIFT/urgent Swift/T/T
    • by Target
    • by TIPANET
    • by cheque

2. Receipt of payment by Swift: 

  • in EUR :  with IBAN+BIC
  • In foreign currencies: Ask us for your personal payment instruction

3. Foreign cheque submissions:

  • Order cheques ("receipt of funds reserved" with immediate crediting under reservation or after receipt after final crediting by the check issuer

Payments exceeding EUR 12,500.00 or equivalent may have to be reported to the Deutsche Bundesbank in accordance with the Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (AWV) for statistical reasons.



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